Blog Makeovers & Design

When was the last time you gave your blog a little pampering? Has it been a while since you looked at it critically and gave it a good once over?

Very often bloggers are so busy researching, writing, photographing and collecting inspiration for posts that they simply don’t have the time or inclination to give thier much loved blogs the attention they deserve.

Are you guilty of a little blog neglect? Don’t be, the solution is really not that daunting. All it takes is a critical eye & some fresh design inspiration. Even if you just want to brighten up your header, or add in a couple of fancy buttons, dont waste any time. Just do it!

Give me a shout, I can help!


Below are a few examples of recent Blog Makeovers (Mouse over the individual screens to get a glimpse of the “Before” shots)

Love Thyself
Logo Design & complete blog makeover

Being Brazen
Logo Design & complete blog makeover

I heart your outfit
Logo Design & complete blog makeover